Welcome To Babcock University Schools, Ogba

What we learn becomes a Part of who we are...

I welcome you to Babcock University Schools, a Christian/missionary school and a home of holistic and value-based education. Here, we cherish academic excellence and moral uprightness. It will interest you to know that our school is a university school in addition to being a Christian academic institution. Our school remains an international school in all ramifications, be it academic standard or exposure to external/foreign exams such as: SAT, TOEFL; etc.

Here in Babcock University Schools, we have a committed and dedicated team that will make your learning experience a remarkable one. In Babcock University Schools, Ogba, we teach pupils and students to have the fear of God in their hearts and appreciate honesty and hard work. We have classrooms that are conducive, well-equipped laboratories/workshops and highly qualified teaching staff that can facilitate teaching and learning. Our school is well secured with both Close Circuit Television (CCTV) and professional security personnel. Come and join our joyful community. You will be glad you did.

Elder Samuel J. Obot

Our School has various departments offering a variety of subject; Ranging from Science to Arts

Welcome to The Arts And Humanities Department:

The Department of Arts and Humanities was established on 23 rd September, 2013. It has diverse academics, students and staff from across all of our related subjects. Babcock University Secondary School’s reputation for excellence in the Arts and Humanities Department rests upon the outstanding teaching and world class teachers employed by the school administration
The Department helps to enlighten students who are leading authorities in their fields and also help them in research projects in order to enlighten their knowledge after secondary school. We help our students to learn different ways in which human cultures and their multiple forms of expression have developed historically and continually.

Here we encourage our students to read because READERS ARE LEADERS

The English And Literary Studies Department.

The importance of English Language in the life of a Nigerian cannot be overemphasized. Also, the power of imagination and creativity is innate; therefore, the English and Literary Studies Department plays a major role in the lives of its students and staff at Babcock University Schools, Ogba.

The Department, which was formerly in the Arts and Humanities Department, was carved out in the year 2015 to emphasise the importance of English Language in the School. .

The English and Literary Studies Department of Babcock University Schools, Ogba, offers subjects like English Studies at the junior level of the secondary school, English Language and Literature-in-English at the senior level.

The Department Of Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

The ICT/Computer Department co-joined with the Mathematics Department was established in September, 2015. The department was formed by merging the former Mathematics (formerly under Science Department) and Computer Science departments. The independence of this department came into being in September, 2016.

We achieve this by ensuring progressive lives for our students through laying Excellent ICT background for them, as this would also help them in other subjects.


The mission of the Mathematics Department is to provide an enabling environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical application. Moreover, the department will contribute to the development of students as mathematical thinkers, enabling them to become life changers, to continue to grow in their chosen professions, and to function as productive citizens.

In pursuing this mission, our primary departmental functions are the development, dissemination, and application of mathematical knowledge and Mathematics education.
In fulfilling this mission, the department creates an environment where teachers and students grow as scholars while providing public and professional service.

Science is the bedrock of modernization and civilization.

It is the application of knowledge. It’s all about designing new processes and mechanism of solving problems. On this note, the science department of Babcock University Secondary School, Ogba welcomes dedicated and committed students of scientific excellence to her department.

The Science Department was created at the inception of the school in September, 2013 in view of the fact that science is the bedrock of development in any organization. It was the first department to be created in the history of the school. Since inception, it has soared high among other departments in the school.

Science Department is poised to: provide an environment for critical thinking and independent inquiry in bringing the genius out of the students..

Welcome To The Vocational/ Business Department Of The School

In the Vocational/ Business Department, we understand how vital vocation is in the preparation of young commercialists to achieve success in all their endeavours. Therefore, we mold lives that will face future challenges and lead us right. We also equip them with dexterity to enable them to use their God-given power to take care of their homes and build the nation’s economy.

Mission To equip students with specialised skills for future practice in business, vocation and research.


BUSS consist of Creche, Nursery, Primary and Junior/Senior Secondary School. The combination of our exceptional teachers and facilities such as library & laboraties makes us stand out.


The Chaplaincy unit offers spiritual and intellectual support for daily growth through a christ-centered ministry to the students and staff members.


We offer comfortable boarding facilities, Out Hostels, are well equipped within a serene environment to support the needs of young minds

Extracurricular Activities

We also give our students the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, such as visits to the Nigerian Exchange, Ghana, The Badagry Slave Trade Centre.