Art & Humanities

The Arts And Humanities Department

The Department of Arts and Humanities was established on 23 rd September, 2013. It has diverse academics, students and staff from across all of our related subjects. Babcock University Secondary School’s reputation for excellence in the Arts and Humanities Department rests upon the outstanding teaching and world class teachers employed by the school administration.

The Department helps to enlighten students who are leading authorities in their fields and also help them in research projects in order to enlighten their knowledge after secondary school. We help our students to learn different ways in which human cultures and their multiple forms of expression have developed historically and continually.

Arts and Humanities are academic disciplines that study aspects of human culture. Today the Humanities Department is more frequently contrasted with natural and sometimes social sciences as well as professional trainings. The department uses methods that are primarily critical or speculative and have a significant historical element. Here we encourage our students to read because READERS ARE LEADERS.

  • To help students establish the basis for independent judgment and critical awareness
  • To familiarize students with library and internet information sources available as lifelong learning tools.
  • To produce students who have a well- informed literary sensibility that enables them to respond in a creative manner to their environment.
  • To produce students who can inquire into the rich resources of language for a better literary appreciation.
  • To equip the students with adequate knowledge of the full range of the major significance in African and Non-African literature in all genres and periods.
  • To graduate students with a firm grasp of the Nigeria political system and other political systems within the context of global forces, international conflicts, social movements, ideological system and cultural diversity.
  • Students must attain writing proficiency and the ability to engage in independent research.
  • Students will formulate, sustain, and justify a historical argument using original ideas.
  • Students will support arguments with historical evidence drawn from primary and secondary sources.

Teachers in the Department

1 Mrs Adeleye Ronke Yoruba Language
2 Mrs Adeleye Elizabeth Yoruba Language
3 Mrs Alonge Tolulope Civic Education
4 Mr Aborisade Tosin Government
5 Pastor Ojieabu Stanley Christian Religious studies
6 Mrs Fasoyinu Motunrayo Social studies/Geography
7 Miss Tolu Ogbojo French language
8 9. Mr Alao Oluwafemi Civic education
9 Mrs Oyediran Oluwakemi Christian Religious studies


RESULTS English CRS Yoruba Literature-in-eng Civic edu Government
WAEC 1OO% 1OO% 75% 100% 100% 92.3%
NECO 1OO% 100% 100% 91.6% 97% 83%
BECE 100% 100% 97.3% - 100% -
BECE(NECO) 83.8% 40.5% 67.6% - 81.1% -
RESULTS Social studies French
BECE (Lagos State) 100% 90.9%
BECE (NECO) 64.9% 78.4%
Junior Secondary School Senior Secondary School
English Studies English Language
Religious Values & National Education Literature- in – English
C.R.S, Civic Education, Social studies,Security studies Yoruba
Yoruba Civic Education
French Language Christian Religious Studies
Careers in Arts and Humanities
  • Archaeology, Sociology
  • Communication Arts, Theology
  • Counseling and Psychology
  • Linguistics, Theatre Arts
  • Mass Communication
  • Law Philosophy, International Studies
  • English Language, French Language