The Chaplaincy and Spiritual Life Department will by God’s grace assist you to grow spiritually with soul-enriching and soul uplifting morning and evening devotions and other Christ-centered programs. The Chaplaincy Department is made up of a fifteen-man committee (including the Chapel Prefects - male and female) with the School Chaplain/Pastor as its Head. The chaplaincy, as the bastion of the school, remains the custodian, initiator and enforcer of all spiritual developmental programs and supervision for the institution as “morality and Spirituality” forms the substratum of our existence as a school.

This is done through the following:

  • Pastoral Care Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Church Services
  • Praying and fasting session
  • Chapel programs and varieties
  • Group and interpersonal studies
  • Community Outreach

The Chaplaincy department promotes excellence in moral and spiritual high standard and will always be there to help you with any moral and spiritual challenges you may experience as our watchword remains “confidentiality”. The Chaplaincy department offers moral, spiritual and intellectual support for daily spiritual growth through a Christocentric ministry to the students, staff members and the neighbouring communities.

We offer programs such as:

  1. Sabbath Worship Services:
    Sabbath worship begins from sunset (Friday, 6:00pm) to sunset (Saturday, 6:00pm). The department conducts Friday worship to open the Sabbath (6:00pm - 7:30pm), then on Saturday morning (8:30am - 12:00noon), and Sun down worship to close the Sabbath (6:00pm - 7:30pm).
  2. Mid-week Chapel Services:
    The mid-week chapel program is a statutory practice in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It’s conducted with the help of the chapel prefects and the coordination of the church pastor. It helps the staff and students to stay on fire in the course of the week. It’s dominated by testimonies and prayer sessions, held on Wednesdays within the hour of (6:00pm - 7:30pm).
  3. Week of Spiritual Emphasis:
    This program is organized once for each term, mandatory for all staff and students. It’s a spiritual refreshing week, known as the “week of grace”. This is one week spiritual program of scripture teaching, powerful messages, singing/Prayer ministration and impartation.
  4. Visitations:
    This encapsulates the offices, staff rooms, classes, special units, homes, etc. This happens at the beginning, middle and end of every term. It’s a medium to care by asking about their wellbeing and sharing the burdens of the staff and students, by leading them to Jesus through prayers and words of encouragement.
  5. Adventist Youth Ministry (AYM):
    This is a paramilitary organization by the SDA Church. It’s a platform, where staff and students have the opportunity to train and be trained physically, emotionally, intellectually, morally and spiritually. Special extracurricular program/activities are achieved through this ministry. Some of which are special drill and marching, leadership training, camping skill, deep biblical/intellectual insight competitions, game/sporty activities and other paramilitary activities.
  6. Devotions:
    The department is in charge of various uplifting devotions conducted in the chapel hall, assembly ground, male and female hostels, offices, etc.
  7. Other Programs:
    It will interest you to know that the chaplaincy department through the astute leadership of the school Chaplain is the sole initiator of the Young Preacher’s Club (YPC) that promote moral standard, build champion preachers, teachers and leaders for the society, raise nation builders and engage in inter-biblical debate, to aid their knowledge about the scriptures. Also we carry out social/intellectual programs, however, spiritual as well, such as all night prayer periodically, staff gathering for the purpose of prayer and dedication for starting the session/term, and at the close of the session/term.

The Chaplain(s) in our schools can reach and help our students and staff in the following ways:

  • To develop genuine Christian characters motivated by love and controlled by steadfastness.
  • To nurture spiritual sensitivity and awareness.
  • To create an atmosphere for spiritual development through singing groups and Bible studies.
  • To make each student a prayer warrior by having a prayer partner.
  • To foster understanding and respect for those of other religious and intellectual persuasions which do not conflict with our believes.
  • To provide an environment in which students are exposed to the Seventh-day Adventist standard of modesty and behavior by precept and example.
  • To inspire commitment to the global mission of human salvation. Matt. 28:16-20 and Rev. 14:6-12.
  • To give spiritual support through sustained intercessory prayers.
  • To offer counseling on personal, spiritual, psychological, emotional, behavioral, social, intellectual and academic challenges.
  • To provide opportunities for spiritual self-discovery through one-on-one Bible studies.
  • To engage in faith-building visitations in Hostels and sick-bay/ school hospital.
  • To conduct evangelistic/revival programs such as termly Week of Spiritual Emphasis programmes.
  • To encourage students/staff enthusiastic involvement in several ministries in the school.
  • To organize daily devotional programs for students and staff.
  • To provide regular inspirational messages on public notice boards.
  • To make the hostels a comfortable temporary home for the students by delivering care, love and motivating spirituality.
  • To encourage students to know themselves and to acknowledge God as their Creator.

Conclusion :
The chaplaincy department through the special grace of God will endeavor daily to ensure that staff and students are regularly and properly nurtured with the word of God, which encapsulates the definite power to mold and sustain lives that are consecrated unto the Lord. Through the support of the school management, the department will serve as an encourager and deliver active support through influence in the institution.

The Chaplaincy Unit is here to help you!
Pastor Stanley O. Ojieabu
Director, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Life/Order