Sick Bay


The school has a well-equipped sick-bay with good is managed by a qualified nurse.

It is open at all times to students, pupils and staff.

  • Pupils/students who have injured themselves at school.
  • Pupils / students who are showing signs of an illness which has developed at school.
  • Emergencies that arise in the school.

The nurse works in direct cooperation with the entire school community. She also has numerous contacts among families, the school meal services and staff from the school canteen.
The following activities are carried out in the Sick Bay.

  • Responding to first aid needs and administering care.
  • Giving health advice..
  • Promoting health programmes.
  • Listening to the pupils/students.
  • Health Education with the aim of making the pupils /students responsible, independent and aware of prevention techniques.
  • Protecting children who are in danger or who are being mistreated.
  • Aiding in the integration of weak or chronically ill pupils/ students.
  • Promoting cleanliness in the school environment.
  • Communicating to parents / guardians about their children’s /wards’ health.
  • Referral of students to the hospital.

The Schools also ensures that students/pupils and staff are clinically examined at the time of entrance. And all school health programs are carried out.