Babcock University Schools, Ogba, are located in a serene environment which induces learning The students in Babcock University Schools have unlimited access to holistic education which stands as it is, the bedrock of Adventist education. The school is owned alongside others by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Like most other missionary schools, it offers both boarding and day operations.


The school has relocated the boarding students to the newly completed ultra-modern hostel complex since January 2019. The hostel is fully air-conditioned and has constant power and treated water supply with comfortable rooms. There is provision of adequate and nourishing food, field for recreational activities, lighting and prep reading times with adequate supervision.

The hostel activities are supervised by the well experienced masters and mistresses who are placed as fathers and mothers, to provide all the necessary guidance and support to the growing minds. The various activities, academic, domestic, curricular and otherwise are properly monitored.

The time for siesta, laundry, meals, recreation, worship, socials and prep are specially planned in alignment with the school’s general programmes. There is provision for formidable cupboards and lockers for keeping personal belongings secure.


Boarding students should come with the following:

1 Financial clearance before admission into the hostel
2 2 sets of school uniform (available in the school).
3 1 blue beret for church (ladies) and black for AYM (boys and girls) and AYM uniform available for purchase in the school.
4 2 pairs of shorts and white T-shirt for sports.
5 2 Customised bed spread available in the school for purchase, and a blanket.
6 2 black leather belts for boys.
7 Sets of house wears: blue check shirts over navy blue shorts for boys, blue check gowns for girls.
8 2 pairs of bathroom slippers.
9 2 pairs of black shoes and a pair of brown sandals.
10 2 Pairs of white canvas (hard and soft) for church and sports
11 2 pairs of panty hose for girls /2 pairs of socks available in the school for purchase
12 1 Mattress (available in school for purchase)
13 1 Pillow and 2 pillow cases
14 2 Covering clothes
15 2 Towels
16 Toiletries (toothbrush, tooth paste, comb, hair brush, sponge, powder, soap, needle, thread, body cream, 6 hangers, nail cutter, clippers for boys, antiperspirant) Note; no choking scent please.
17 4 Handkerchiefs
18 1 Cardigan/pullover (available in school for purchase)
19 6 Underpants and 4 singlets
20 2 Night wears/pyjamas
21 1 Bucket, 1 washing bowl, 1 bailer and 1 plastic keg (maximum capacity 10 litres) for storing water.
22 A Cupboard and 2 padlocks available in the school for purchase.
23 Cutlery (1 fork, 1 desert spoon and a silver coated stainless dish).
24 1 White long sleeve shirt and a pair of white trousers for church worship (for boys)
25 1 White decently sown gown for church worship (for girls)
26 1 Cup, 1 water bottle
27 10 Pegs for hanging washed clothes
28 1 Reading lamp. Note; without radio
29 2 Brooms to be brought at the beginning of every term
30 1 School bag
31 4 braziers (if required)
32 A Bible (RSV) and hymnal (SDAH) available in the school for purchase.
33 Medication: if a student has to come to the boarding house with any medications, it must be prescribed and must be shown to the house master/mistress or the school nurse immediately.
34 Mature or maturing female students should come with materials for their monthly sanitary usage. Please note that the use of toilet paper has been found to be unsafe and therefore not acceptable by the school.
35 Please note: all items listed above will be checked before the student is admitted into the school.
36 All these articles must be clearly marked with their owners name using an indelible marker.
37 Please note that the following items are contraband: cooked food, canned/tin food, oily canned drinks, alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks, hot combs and the use of mobile phones.


The school is equipped with a standard sick bay with modern facilities that give students prompt attention. We also provide extensive health care by partnering with a very reliable specialist hospital which makes its service reliable.

Utilities like internet access for assignment, CCTV for security monitoring and computer based test for students’ evaluation are available.

In conclusion, I implore parents to take the opportunities of a life time to partner with this prestigious institution to achieve its holistic goal, thereby partaking in exorbitant excellence. God bless our schools, staff and students …Amen.