The ICT/Computer Department co-joined with the Mathematics Department was established in September, 2015. The department was formed by merging the former Mathematics (formerly under Science Department) and Computer Science departments. The independence of this department came into being in September, 2016.

The creation of the ICT Department came as a need to help the students adapt to advancement in technology and in response to the huge demand for information technology studies. And our main target in all examinations is to ensure that students achieve 100% success in both internal and external examinations, as this is what determines whether a child will end up doing his or her desired course in the university. We achieve this by ensuring progressive lives for our students through laying good ICT background for them, as this would also help them in other subjects.

Goals And Objectives
  • To prepare students for excellent performances in both internal and external examinations.
  • To ensure progressive lives for our students by laying good ICT background for them
  • To ensure that students achieve 100% success in external examinations especially the CBT (Computer-Based Test)
  • To build students that will be self-reliant, independent, and courageous.
  • To prepare students that will have all it takes to compete perfectly with their counterparts around the world.
  • To prepare students that can conveniently become the leaders of tomorrow
  • To build godly teachers and students that are heaven-bound.
  • To build courageous, disciplined, and dedicated teachers
  • To ensure that students understand the concepts of Computer Studies and appreciate the use of the computer in various aspects of life.
  • To ensure that students apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired through the study of computers.
  • To ensure that students develop skills in ICT, including critical thinking skills to solve problems.
  • To develop life-long learning habits that will help students adapt to technological advances in the world.
  • To provide opportunities for students to have access to technical materials and be fully equipped with technical-know-how.
  • To train and re-train our teachers to be ICT compliant.
  • To uphold moral standard in the use of ICT tools in the school.
  • To implement and support a range of techniques for accessing information and evaluating students in electronic form.
  • To exploit technology to its fullest potential.


Through the support of the school administration, under the leadership of Elder Fasanu G.O, the school Principal, the department has been able to integrate the use of interactive whiteboards into our classes both in the junior and senior schools.

Integration of electronic whiteboards enables students and staff to interact with digital content and multimedia in a conducive learning environment. The learning activities involve

  • Manipulating text and images
  • Taking notes in digital ink.
  • Saving notes in digital form for easy teaching
  • Using wiz-teach software, and Microsoft office suits to enhance the lesson in the classroom.
  • Creating digital lesson activities with templates and images
  • Showing and writing notes over educational video clips
  • Using presentation tools built into the interactive whiteboard software to enhance learning materials
  • Showcasing student presentations
  • Integrating e-learning which has made lessons more memorable because students are motivated with the learning tools and focus more on the teacher’s explanations rather than worrying about how to capture everything through note taking.
  • Motivating teachers and students to interact effectively, improving chances of student retention during classes; it aids students’ success by making them copy accurate notes during the lesson.
  • Creating the opportunity for students and staff of the school to own laptop computers for taking class notes, doing assignments and preparing lesson notes or lesson plan in digital form.
  • Teaching e-learning classes which has been able to lay off fears of handling or teaching the class because the technology is friendly and easy to use.
  • Using electronic whiteboards which has made our teachers become world class teachers that are fit to teach in any advanced country’s secondary or high schools.
  • Living online 24/7 with less or no downtime in our classrooms and offices that operate on advanced technology with cost effectiveness and less susceptibility to power fluctuation. This has added value to the school.
  • The classrooms, offices and laboratories are networked with both wired and wireless network for easy management and network monitoring.
  • The department has maintained a constant pace of development to sustain e-learning and internet in the school. Also, the department provides forums and free space for students, staff and other stakeholders to share and disseminate knowledge, information and experiences acquired.

Through the help of God and the leadership of Elder Fasanu G.O, the department always organize staff training for capacity building and empowers our students with ICT technologies and continuous upgrade of ICT-driven teaching and learning skills in the school.

Subjects Offered in the Department
  • Computer Studies.
  • Data Processing.
  • ICT.

By God’s grace there is nothing that the department needs in terms of facilities that we do not have. Our major facilities are the E-learning boards which have several facilities that can be used via internet, coupled with high lumen projectors, and software that can also enhance learning.

Mission Statement: The department is created to arouse and sustain the interest of students in Mathematics and Computer-based subjects, and to inculcate value based knowledge, skills and attitudes in our students, that will enable them to achieve 100% success in their examinations and to have outstanding performances.

Vision: To become a world-class ICT-usage leading school that supports the harmonious development of human mental, physical, moral, social and academic excellence in the effective integration of faith into learning.

Core Values

  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Commitment to Excellence.

ICT Staff Members And The Subjects Taught:

Name Subject
Mr. Olatunde Oludare Sunday HOD/ Computer Studies/Data Processing
Mrs. Daramola Christiana Jumoke Computer Studies
Mr. Olaoye Daniel Olalekan Computer Studies.


Our main target in all examinations is the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination
as this is what determines whether a child will end up doing his or her desired course in the University.
The table below shows the performances of our students at external examinations:

SSCE 100% 88.9%
NECO SSCE 100% 100%
NECO JS3 86.5%
SSCE (WAEC) 100% 100%
NECO SSCE 100% 100%
NECO JS3 67.3%
SSCE 100% 100%
NECO SSCE 100% 100%
NECO JS3 68%